You are a professional photographer

Are you a professional
photographer ?

MyPixtime will bring to you new clients
and you will be with them during their vacation
without the worry of administrative paper work.

MyPixtime services

We are looking for a professional photographer for a permanent situation,
who will be appointed to our growing number of clients.


You are asked to follow the client around for some hours during their vacation
and help them to produce good quality images. Advice them but always respect their wishes
to ensure a perfect final product.

There are many advantages working with us :

  • - you will have new contracts
  • - we will handle all the administrative paper work
  • - you will minimise the initial contact with clients due to our customer service already in place
  • - the payment will be guaranteed as soon as the work is done.

In all simplicity

The day of the photoshoot, we will communicate you the place of the meeting and the time.
You will be paid once the photoshoot is done.
Do not hesitate to contact us for a well detailed package and a scheme of payment.

collection MyPixtime

Options and prices of the photoshoots

- 1 hour photoshoot

This is an economical option that allows you to have great photographs surrounding a monument.

- 4 hours photoshoot (half a day)

A practical option that allows you to have a photo shoot in several places.

- 8 hours photoshoot (a whole day)

This is a more sophisticated option that allows you to have the photographer following you all day long giving you more time to have more photographs. That will ensure the capture of the best moments of your vacation.

- Customer designed photoshoot

If none of our options suits you, do not hesitate to contact us for a modified option that fits you.


for more information.