You work in the tourism industry

You work in
the tourism industry

MyPixtime allows you to add a photographer service for any event that your customers would like to maintain with professional quality images.

MyPixtime services

Travelling agences, seminar organisers, hotel...
All professionals in the tourism industry are welcome to try out our offers at attractive prices.

We will appoint to your clients professional photographers as one of your offers.

This can be carried out in 3 ways, you will choose which suits you and your clients better:
- As an optional service
- Incorporated in an organised travel package
- As a gift to your clients
MyPixtime has already a lot of private clients that are very pleased to have their memories saved
in good quality photographes. This is a service that can differentiate one travelling agency from another.

Examples of photoshoots:
- In colour and in black and white

Welcome offer

Book free of charge a photographer for a day that can be allocated to 5 of your clients.
See for yourselves the oppotunity and the sucess of this service.
Do not hesitate to contact us for a complete package of presentation and our specicif prices
to those who are in tourism industry.

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Options and prices of the photoshoots

- 1 hour photoshoot

This is a more economical option that allows you to have great photographs sorrounding a monument.

- 4 hours photoshoot (half a day)

A pratical option that allows you to have photoshoot in more than one places.

- 8 hours photoshoot (a whole day)

this is a more sophisticated option that allows you to have the photographer follow you all day
giving you more time to have more photographs ensure that the best moments of your vacation
is captured

- Custom designe photoshoot

If none of our option is applicable for you, do not hesitate to contact us for a modified option that fits you.

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for more informations.